Professional and Fast Boiler Repairs

Have you lost heating and hot water? Do you have a boiler emergency? Don’t panic! Here at Surrey Gas, our boiler engineers can visit your property to get your boiler back up and running without delay.

Friendly Team

Our friendly, helpful, and professional team of Gas Safe engineers have the knowledge they need to diagnose any boiler issue and make fast repairs. We repair boilers of all makes and models from all brands, including Worcester Bosch and Valliant.

We offer a same-day service and in the majority of cases, we will be able to fix your boiler in a single visit. On the rare occasion that we do not have the parts we need, we will fix a comfortable and safe temporary solution. Regardless of the size of the problem, we will find the right solution.

  • Gas Safe engineers with a wealth of boiler experience
  • Same-day and responsive service so you are never left waiting
  • No style of make of boiler that we cannot repair
  • Trustworthy reputation
  • Transparent and fixed fees with no nasty surprises

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We can diagnose & repair all boiler breakdowns

Is your boiler pressure too low or too high? Have you lost heating and hot water? Are you having issues igniting your boiler? We can help!

Your boiler not working at the best of times is inconvenient. Never attempt to fix your boiler yourself – this is the job for a professional! We adhere to strict health and safety standards guidelines and will always complete a professional job.

Leaking: Has your boiler sprung a leak? There are a number of reasons for water coming from your boiler including worn-out components, faulty pressure valves, or broken seals. Our Gas Safe engineers can carry out the various investigations and complete repairs.

Low pressure: You boiler needs optimum pressure to work and maintain circulation throughout the system. We can diagnose any problem with your boiler re-pressurise the system.

No heat or hot water: There is nothing worse during the winter months than a lack of heating or hot water. There is not one single issue that leads to boiler failure and we will be able to ascertain the cause and fix it for you.

Pilot light going out: If your pilot light keeps going out, this can be an annoying issue. Older boilers are particularly probe to this due to issues such as draughts or a deposit build-up. Our team will talk you through trouble-shooting and can visit and make the necessary repairs.

Strange noises: Boilers can sometimes make strange noises, including ‘kettling’; where limescale builds up over time. This is a common problem that can be fixed through flushing the system.

Frozen condensate pipes: Particularly common in winter, this pipe can freeze and cause a blockage to occur. Have you noticed this problem? Our engineers are here to help.

Once of the best way to avoid regular issues with your boiler is through preventative maintenance and servicing. This will not only keep your warranty valid but will reduce the number of boiler breakdowns.

Our boiler engineers will get to you quickly!

Our boiler services team can get to you on the same day and make fast repairs, so you are never left waiting. The vast majority of faults can be corrected there and then! Our wealth of experience means that we can fix all types of boilers from all makes.

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