Quality Boiler Installations & Replacements

Surrey Gas provides trusted boiler installations to residential and commercial customers. We are accredited with Worcester Bosch and Valliant and can bring you the very latest cutting-edge boilers so you can save hundreds of pounds every year on your fuel bills. Our accreditation means we can offer exclusive benefits to homeowners.

Fully Guaranteed Installations

Whether your old boiler keeps breaking down or you need a boiler replacement because your old boiler is inefficient, we will ensure we fit the right boiler for your property, lifestyle, and budget. Not only will your boiler save you money but it will lower your carbon footprint.

  • Worcester Bosch and Valliant accredited boiler specialists
  • Skilled, friendly & reliable boiler installation team
  • Very competitive quotes with no hidden costs
  • Free boiler home surveys and advice are available
  • Only the most energy-efficient and quality boilers installed

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A-rated energy efficient new boilers: The benefits

Your boiler is the most crucial part of any heating system. If your boiler is over 10 years old or is constantly requiring repairs, it may be time for an upgrade.

Improved energy efficiency: One of the most important reasons to replace your boiler is that your new model will run to its maximum efficiency, using less fuel and will save you hundreds of pounds on your fuel bills.

Environmentally-friendly: We are all becoming more aware of our impact on the environment and our A-rated boilers will always reduce your carbon footprint.

Accurate control: Our top-rated boilers will allow you to have full control of the temperature of your home, so you can ensure your comfort at all times. Our models also allow you to control your boiler via an App on your phone.

Space-saving: The latest combi boilers are smaller in size and do not require a large water cylinder. They are also quieter and can be fitted easily.

Quieter: New boilers can be significantly quieter than older models due to improved design and use of materials. This can make a massive difference, especially when boilers are located near bedrooms or home offices.

Reliability: The latest boilers require less maintenance and upkeep than older models, reducing the risk of costly breakdowns and repairs. With regular maintenance, your boiler should run efficiently and add real value to your property.

How does fitting my new boiler work?

  • Quote: You get in touch and we can provide a free and fast quote in less than 60 seconds!
  • Survey: We survey your home to ensure your new boiler will fit perfectly and can answer any questions.
  • Install: Our expert engineers will fit your new boiler at a time to suit you.
  • Aftercare: We can provide ongoing boiler care and maintenance to ensure your boiler runs perfectly. See our boiler care plans.

All boilers installed

Our engineers can install all types of boilers.

  • Combi boilers: Ideal for smaller homes, combi boilers are a popular and cost-effective option. Heating hot water on demand, they do not require any separate water storage facility.
  • System boilers: Better for larger homes, system boilers use a cylinder and store hot water there and are therefore a more popular choice when there is a constant need for hot water.
  • Conventional boilers: Regular or heat-only boilers, also known as conventional boilers, are ideal for large properties because they require a space for a cold-water feed tank, which is normally located in the loft.

Manufacturers we work with

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