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Signs Your Boiler Needs Repairing

Your boiler is key to a comfortable home environment. When your boiler breaks down you need a speedy and efficient repair in order to have heating and hot water once more. There may also be times when you suspect your boiler is on the verge of a fault and you want it repaired before it completely stops working.

The following are times when you should have your boiler repaired in Surrey and SW London.

Reasons For Having Your Boiler Serviced

No Heating or Hot Water

This is the most clear and obvious sign that an urgent repair to your boiler is needed. A boiler fault at any time is frustrating, but in the middle of winter it can be very uncomfortable. A lack of heat or water is not always a sign of a major fault with the boiler and can sometimes be fixed quite quickly.

Yellow Pilot Light

The pilot light in the boiler should be blue. If the flame is orange or yellow contact an engineer as soon as possible. A yellow flame can be an indicator of carbon monoxide, an odourless gas which spreads through the property and is potentially lethal when inhaled.

Strange Noises

Although boilers can make a humming noise, any unusual sounds from the boiler could be a sign of a fault. It can be useful to familiarise yourself with the regular hum your boiler may make so you can recognise unfamiliar sounds that could indicate the boiler is developing a fault that needs repairing.

Pressure Fluctuations

If your boiler pressure keeps fluctuating then you should have an engineer give it a look over. This applies whether the pressure is frequently too high or too low. There are a number of reasons why boiler pressure can keep rising or dropping, and an engineer will get to the bottom of the cause.

Boiler Not Staying On

A boiler which keeps switching off may mean a problem with the thermostat or with pressure. Either way it can result in an unsatisfactory heating situation, requiring immediate attention from an engineer. A boiler which keeps switching off could also be an indicator of a more dangerous issue, one an engineer can spot and rectify.

Unusual Smell

Any unusual aroma coming from the boiler is also another strong signal to have the boiler looked at and repaired. Such aromas may be a result of a gas leak or from an incomplete burning of fuel, both of which are dangerous scenarios.

Repair or Replace

Most boilers should last for up to 15 years, so a mixture of repairs and services can help prolong your boiler. However, if you are frequently needing a repair then it may be time for a new boiler. Similarly, if your bills are continually increasing because of poor boiler efficiency or replacement parts are difficult to find, an engineer may recommend you consider a new boiler.

You should phone a heating engineer as soon as you suspect a boiler problem. Boiler problems can be potentially hazardous and therefore you should never try to repair a boiler yourself, always leaving it instead to a qualified professional.

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