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Got a question about having your new boiler installed? We have complied a few of our frequently asked questions we get asked when installing a new boiler in the Guildford area.

Do you flush my heating system?


There are 3 different types of system flush that can be done when fitting a new boiler.

The first method is a ‘mains flush.’ This is where mains pressured cold water is put into the heating system and drained off .

The second method is a ‘Magnacleanse.’ This is where 2 large magnets and a bottle of cleaner are temporarily added to the heating system, the cleaner dislodges any dirt and debris, whilst the magnets collect it.

The third method is a ‘powerflush’ This is where a large pump is added to the heating system which pushes large volumes of water around the system dislodging dirt and debris.

On all of our boiler replacements, we use the Magnacleanse method, only when a heating system is very dirty would we recommend a powerflush.

How long does the boiler exchange take?

Boiler replacements will usually be completed within one day. On the odd occasion boiler installations do take longer. This could be because of a vertical flue or if you have a large property. We will always discuss how long it will take to install your new boiler.

What guarantee does my new boiler come with?

If you choose a Worcester Bosch boiler you will receive anywhere from 10 – 12 years guarantee.

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